Monday, April 03, 2006

Is the Next Technology You?

Futurists and sci-fi writers have traditionally predicted “Jetson’s-like” scenarios of our world might be like in the future. I believe this is largely because of juxtaposing industrial economy worldviews which were still fascinated with our ability to conceive and fashion new and complicated tools.

Interestingly, as we move towards a more interconnected paradigm of civiliza, we are beginning to recognize the huge power and potential of nature’s own systemic design. From the organic structural efficiency of the water cube swimming pool in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics to circuitry to Nanotech devices connecting to organic structures to turbo charge natural phenomena.

So where does all this leave the gadgets we all thought we’d love? Sure we are still fascinated with the latest gizmo, but generally the learning curve and added features of a new devices just adds to our already complicated lives. I believe the next shift here is also to look towards nature for inspired simplicity.

I believe the next technology is us.

Not quite like The Matrix where we’re farmed for our energy in the direct sense, but how different is the analogy of the web as the Global Brain and references like ? Aren’t we collectively contributing our energies for the benefit of all and for each of us? The real difference is obviously individual control, but the idea of control in a truly interconnected paradigm of civilization is largely an illusion.

What’s next? Well, the wealth of info that is in our genetic structure is yet untapped. We’ve just cracked the Genome in the most primitive case and have yet to unlock the true power. I think the correct analogy here is the discovery akin to understanding the binary (0 and 1) foundation of computing. It’s a start, but just imagine being able to tap into knowledge as well as intuition as well as aptitude. Will we need devices for that or will we be implant the collective brainpower directly into our composition. In other words, just like we tap into the wealth of human knowledge now mechanically through the Internet, could we conceivably tap into the same within our bloodstream.

Of course this is just the beginning of debates on ethics and more but isn’t it a scenario worth pondering? Can our individual imagination be surpassed by infusing the imagining capacity of all? What do you think?

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